Yellowing White Patent Leather versus Sauce (How to restore it)

In this episode, we answer that question, does sauce restore yellowed, white patent leather? And the answer is yes.

The process is very simple, but delicate. You need to have a pair of shoes with white patent leather, in this case, the Air Jordan 11 Columbias. Make sure the leather is very yellow or the results will be difficult to see.

First, get the sauce ready. Apply the sauce on one side of the shoe first. Once you are done, you can sarana wrap the shoe to ensure it doesn’t dry out that fast. Then, place the shoe outside in the sunlight making sure to cover the other parts like the upper or sole from direct sunlight.

We worked on the shoe for 6 hour sessions for 4-5 days. Now this was possible because the soles were separated. This might not be possible if you still have the soles attached. You need to plan accordingly.

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