Why Product Management & UX Design Are Key by Sr. Product Designer

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Product Management and UX Design are essential product development roles that drive business and user outcomes. This is why behind every great product there is a great collaboration between these roles.

In this webinar, Nikkel introduced »Product Thinking« as an advanced mindset at the intersection of Product Management and UX Design that helps to build stronger products and better interrelationships between PM and UX.

As a human-centred and product-oriented approach Product Thinking makes sure to close the gap between business vision and the reality of customer needs. It helps to build the right product for the right people serving the right needs and thereby helps to drives business results.

Nikkel Blaase is a Senior Product Designer from Hamburg, Germany, who works at XING. He writes and speaks a lot about designing products, specifically how to think in products, about UX strategy and how to start a digital business.

Nikkel is passionate about bringing »Product Thinking« to the world of product development to see more successful products tailored to people’s needs. He is also the founder of the Design Made For You studio where he facilitates workshops on Product Discovery and created the Unstuck Map.

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