What Is The Difference Between Patent, Trademark and Copyright

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In this tutorial I explain the difference between a patent, trademark and a copyright. Patents, trademarks and copyright are actually very different kinds of things from one another. What unites them is that they help entrepreneurs and business owners protect their intellectual property. But how patents, trademarks and a copyright function, and the role they play has very little overlap. The reason it is important to do a tutorial explaining the difference between a patent, trademark and a copyright is that patents, trademarks and a copyrights often get confused one for another by first-time entrepreneurs, and the explanation of the differences between these legal tools has to happen time and time again.

A patent is used to protect an invention. The invention has to already be created. So it can’t be a business idea for an invention. The patent must be used to protect the actual invention, or something in the invention. There are provisional patents that allow you to get started patenting your invention earlier. But overall, patents are meant to protect actual inventions.

Trademarks are meant to protect logos, business names, and business slogans. Trademarks are useful when you want to make sure that no other company can use your business name or brand name, or logo, or any slogan. It is also useful to check whether your business encroaches on any existing trademarks before using potential names for your business because if you do encroach on an existing trademark, the company who owns that trademark has the right to make you change your name.

And a copyright is meant to protect a body of writing such as a book. A copyright is also meant to protect something you write that may be found online.

To get help with your patents or trademarks, please contact a law professional who specializes in intellectual property law.

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