This is a new tool box/desk accessory. It is a hands free key-less entry system for tool boxes, desks and any other applications that use a 90 degree cam lock. The system operates just like the newer luxury and sports cars today. You simply carry a remote in your pocket. This remote sends a signal to your box or desk. When you get close enough to the box or desk it unlocks. When you travel away from the tool box or desk it locks itself back up. This same system can be used to interface with your blue tooth on your pone. This automatic lock can be locked dead closed, locked dead open, or locked in the automatic position. The thumb screw on the outside of BOX LOX is clutched and will not affect the function unless the key is inserted and is in the disengaged position. BOX LOX is built as a secure locking mechanism and cannot be disassembled unless first removed from your item. I am offering BOX LOX for investment purposes openly to companies. All research and development has been thoroughly documented. The patent application was detailed enough to be a full utility patent but the provisional application for patent was obtained to keep options open. This advertisement is to further the progress in manufacturing and selling of BOX LOX. Licensing agreements will be negotiated. This video will help display the public interest which will effectively help BOX LOX get to market. This video will be sent to large companies to obtain the interest of companies that the owner of BOX LOX has considered for retail licensing purposes.
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