Timing is Everything – Virtual Roundtable: Intellectual Property

July 10, 2018

Scott D. Locke, Esq., Partner & Chair, Intellectual Property Department
Dorf & Nelson
Moderator: Christopher C. Palermo, Esq., Senior Counsel
Harris Beach


When it comes to developing a patent protection strategy there are many issues to consider. One of the most critical of these issues is determining when, during the innovation process, the right time to file for patent protection is. Expert advice in identifying that time is crucial to realizing your full market potential.

This discussion will explore for entrepreneurs and inventors how different answers to the following questions should inform their decision making process:

– Is your technology sufficiently developed to enable commercially valuable claims to be made?
– To what extent will you need to have developed data in order to claim aspects of the technology that might set you above the competition?
– Are you letting the perfect be the enemy of the good and delaying your filing too long thereby losing the race to the USPTO?

The significance of how one answers these questions and others will be discussed by legal experts with the goal of educating those who might find themselves sitting on intellectual property, unsure of their next move.

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