Real Talk with a Zendesk Product Designer (Hello I'm Alexa)

Talking UX design with Alexa, a product designer at Zendesk and creator of YouTube’s Hello, I’m Alexa. Want to learn UX design with a job guarantee? Check out Springboar’ds UX Career Track:

0:22 How did you become a UX designer?
2:02 What’s your favorite thing about being a product designer?
2:21 What does a typical workday look like for you?
4:40 What advice do you have for aspiring product designers?
5:54 What is your favorite part about the design process
7:02 What’s challenging about the design process?
8:06 How do you synthesize research and present it?
9:30 What’s one design tool that you can’t live without?
11:06 what makes a great product designer?

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