Quick Patents, LLC

Quick Patents, LLC is a business specializing in helping clients file patent applications. We are located in Henderson, NV and offer several patent related services. We offer quick turn around on filing your patent, usually within five business days if you already have everything that we need to get started. We are also one of the most successful companies when it has come to obtaining design patents for small businesses and independent inventors. Over the last ten years our business has obtained over 1,800 design patents. We are consistently ranked among the top 10 firms in the United States when it comes to obtaining design patents. In 2013 we were raked second overall with 405 design patents issued, and in 2014 we were ranked third with 265 design patents issued. With this success we are definitely one of the best choices for inventors to come to with their patent needs. Call us at 800-505-5610 or visit our website at http://www.quickpatents.com/designpatents to make an appointment, or receive more information.

Quick Patents, LLC

2580 Anthem Village Dr., Henderson, NV 89052



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