Performaxe: The First-Ever Leg Rest For Any Electric Guitar by Giuseppe Motta

The first-ever leg rest for any electric guitar: Defeat fatigue, reach all the frets easily and enjoy your practice sessions!
About this project : Performaxe lets you hold any electric guitar in a position of your choice, that is comfortable both for your hands and your body

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 You can move your guitar up, and also to the left or to the right, and it will remain there, without further efforts. Performaxe lets you choose how you want your guitar to rest on your legs. Performaxe reduces fatigue when you practice sitting down, it lets you stop hunching over, bearing straps or footstools, or tensing your legs and feet for hours on end. It is built with comfort in mind so it firmly clamps to your guitar and you won’t feel like you’re “playing with something attached”, but it will be as if your guitar changed its shape into a more comfortable one.Improve your posture and the playability of the instrument with Performaxe, and focus for longer on your music. STANDARD VERSION (NYLON-FIBERGLASS)  Lighter weight Extremely tough nylon-fiberglass alloy construction  Thick rubber layer to protect the guitar from touching the nylon parts. Accomodates guitars ranging from 2.5cm to 6cm (~1 to ~2.4 inches) 100% designed and made in Italy Nylon Performaxe – Carbon Black & Dark Cherry Red BOUTIQUE VERSION (ALLUMINIUM)  Full anodized aluminium construction (natural aluminumn color and black)  Thick rubber layer to protect the guitar from touching the metal parts  Accomodates guitars ranging from 2.5cm to 6cm (~1 to ~2.4 inches)  100% designed and individually handmade in Italy   Boutique Performaxe – Anodized alluminim, natural color and black STRETCH GOAL COLORS: If more than 1000pcs are sold you’ll be able to choose one of these other colors for your Performaxe (Standard version only). You’ll be prompted at the end of the campaign to tell us your color of choice.  Cream White & Cherry Red – Cream White & Carbon Black – Full Black FIND YOUR PERFECT POSTUREYou can position Performaxe in different ways beneath your guitar: you choose how the guitar rests on your left or right leg, its height, and its lateral position.  “No pain, no gain” they say. With Performaxe you can finally say: No pain, more gain. Stop wasting your energy bearing discomfort, and channel it into your music. PERFORMAXE IS LOVED BY PROFESSIONALSPerformaxe has been praised for its effectiveness by guitarist of all skill levels, from bedroom players to international guitar heroes. DESIGNED LIKE A WORK OF ART The patent design of Performaxe has been perfected in over one year of prototyping and beta testing, it is effective and extremely easy to use, and it’s a valuable practice companion worth being seen on the most beautiful guitars. THE PROBLEM WITH GUITAR BODY SHAPES Every aspect of electric guitars has evolved since they appeared, so why do most of them stick with body shapes that are 50+ years old, even if they lack ergonomics?  Simply enough, because they look so cool, most guitarists prefer the original designs from the 60’s and 70’s and their close derivations. Attempts at new shapes from various manufacturers usually sell far less compared to the classic shapes, so obviously they keep making what sells. The problem with sticking with those shapes is that they force us to maintain tiresome postures for hours.Who knows how many things we never learn, play or record because we tire too soon… MY SOLUTION: PERFORMAXE Performaxe lets you practice in a comfortable position on your favourite guitars. It improves your posture and freatboard access both if you play on the right or the left leg.  Reach all the frets with relaxed wrists, keep your back straight while you sit, and if you play standing, just remove it in one second to go back to your beautiful instrument, no modifications to the guitar are required. OVERCOME GUITAR LIMITATIONS Performaxe is not another knick-knack invented by a casual player like we have all seen plenty lately. I spent my life playing guitar and pursuing tecnique excellence, and Performaxe helped me a lot along the way, relieving my back during the long practice sessions. As a good pair of shoes are essential to run at your best, but won’t run by themselves, Performaxe is not meant to “make guitar easy for everybody” but to let you do your best removing unnecessary l…

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