Patent Your Invention by Yourself with This Hands-On Course

Want to learn how you can prepare and file your invention into the patent office by yourself? Our Three Day Course walks you through the entire process teaching you how to file your patent. This course will allow you to become patent savvy, file patent pro se, and thereby save the quoted service filing fees. Day one covers legal aspects, prior art search, analysis of patents, and writing parts of a patent. Day two covers claim structure and claim styles, drafting of several claim types, and reviewing and filling all required USPTO forms. Day three covers the assembly of a provisional and a utility patent, electrically filing these patents into the patent office, and reviewing Examiner replies and responses.
In case you have questions, you can schedule two hours of phone calls with a patent agent, these calls are included with the course. We know you will be pleased once you file your first of hopefully many patents! Each of your filed inventions become patent pending, and are dated and safely stored in the patent office.
Register now and save, for a limited time, take 25% off the list price. Sign up for our patent course today, we look forward to showing you how you can patent your own invention. We provide two hours of free phone calls, these calls are included with the course.
Have patent attorneys or agents quoted you a service filing fee of three to six thousand dollars to file your patent application into the United States Patent and Trademark Office? Did you feel that these quoted service filing fees were excessive, and wish you could find a low cost way to file your invention?
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