Patent Strategies for Startups | Cambia Grove Lunch & Learn

A discussion with Dylan O. Adams of Davis Wright Tremaine and Kurt Sheline of Echo Health Ventures about patent strategy for startups. Discussion includes…

Patent/IP Basics:
What do patents protect compared to other types of intellectual property (IP)?
I’ve heard that software cannot be patented – is that true?
Could you give a general overview of the patent process?
What are the options for starting the patent process?
How does the USPTO determine whether something is patentable?

Startup-Specific Advice
How to you suggest startups begin the patent process?
When is the best timing for filing a patent application?
What are your thoughts on foreign patent protection?
Do you suggest doing a patent/prior art search before filing a patent application?
What are investors looking for when it comes to patents?
Do I need to have a working prototype to file a patent application?

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