patent procedure , time line and cost of patent filing in India short introduction

How can I get patent in India… for my project, idea or a concept?
This is most common question raised in minds of anyone who becomes interested in knowing about patent in India and protecting the invention. This question comes from every sector and domain imaginable.
You may be
 Business owner : with an idea or product to patent
 Research Scientist : with a new concept, formula to patent
 Professional (employee) : with new idea for software or business method
 ME or PHD holder : with research project to patent
 Student : with intent to learn more about patents and how they can protect your ideas
The word “patent” continues to be most sought after word in business and Research and development community that is being searched for more information and guidance…
In this short video you will get hold of this techno-legal and exciting subject:
Areas covered:
 What is patent?
 Is my idea , project or product patentable?
 How to apply for patent in India?
 How much does it costs to get patent in India ?
Even though this video is informative and you might have read information on patent on web, blogs and in books.. Still, the best advice would be…
Get patent agent / professional involved for writing and filing patent
You would be amazed to find out the value added by a professional patent agent or patent attorney when working on your idea and filing patent. Patent is a techno – legal document and has certain level of complexity involved. Having an experienced patent professional (patent agent) guiding you through the process of getting your invention patented can make a large impact to an extent of (in some cases) patent granted or patent rejected.
The patent is grant of exclusive rights to the owner, to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing patented invention.
What that means in simple terms is, if you get the patent for your invention, you can stop others from making, selling, importing your invention without your permission and hence can earn significant money by licensing or selling it.
The Patents system are built to encourage the innovation and growth of the economy be providing patent winner and exclusive right on the invention (intellectual property) for limited time.
So… why you should consider patenting your invention?
Advantages of owning patent would be:
 You own the invention for given time (20 years)
 You can use it to build a business
 Rent it (in this case license it) to existing businesses
 Exclude all others for using, selling, offering for sale and importing your invention in your country
 You can completely sell the patent to other company
Does it sound exciting?….
Let’s see some interesting information about most commonly asked questions like:
• The procedure and steps for getting patent
• cost for obtaining patent in India (as individual or as company)
• time required for getting patent
Step1: Invention Disclosure
Write down the invention (idea or concept) with as much details as possible
 The area and nature of the invention
 Description of the invention what it does
 How does it work
 Similar existing solutions / products like your invention
 Advantages of your invention over existing solutions
 include drawings, diagrams or sketches explaining working of invention
This information in its raw format is called invention disclosure.
Before we proceed with steps here is an important note about the cost for obtaining patent in India.

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