Patent Drafting: Inventions as Concepts

How do you draft a patent for an invention? For this, you need to understand and explain the invention. It is not enough to merely describe it, but to identify the concept underlying the invention.

This video tells us why we need to this, how this came to be, how we can elevate inventions to the level of abstract ideas, and an introduction to a powerful approach that simplifies this process. We then demonstrate this approach on a classic invention that we use almost everyday, and discover how it might have got its name.

00:00 – Introduction
02:19 – Inventions, textualized
07:05 – Principles in law: ratio decidendi
12:10 – Conceptualizing inventions
17:15 – Approach to identify inventive concepts
20:41 – Test case: Loud’s Patent
24:35 – Pack only what you need
26:24 – Summary

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