Passion + Purpose = Innovation – Mark Randall, at USI

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As a serial entrepreneur, Mark Randall’s career conceiving, designing and marketing innovative technology spans nearly twenty years and three successful high-tech start-ups. He sold his most recent startup, Serious Magic, to Adobe Systems where he is now Chief Strategist, VP Creativity.
His talk raises the following question: What would happen if you funded every single new product idea from any employee, no questions asked? As an experiment, Adobe did exactly that. Mark Randall will share the surprising discoveries from creating Kickbox, the radical new innovation process helping drive Adobe’s remarkable success. Each employee receives a mysterious red box packed with imagination, money and a strange game with six levels. Mark will explain how aligning passion with purpose changes everything and how trust can transform good people into great innovators. Learn why Adobe is giving away the Kickbox process for free and how it might change your organization.

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