Opel GT X Concept new idea for the vehicle

Opel GT X Experimental gives a first impression of what awaits us in the future and that Opel models to look up to the mid-2020s. This is the first vehicle that shows the new face of Opel. The concept of the brand follows the lines of the new design is called the Opel Compass. He clearly structured layout of the front part of future models and simply unmistakable. The main feature of Kompas is two strong axes crossing the emblem of the brand. On the one hand, there is a characteristic central line on the hood and on the other a typical signature daytime running lights in the shape of wings. Legendary lightning makes the central point of the design.
The headlights, daytime running lights, cameras and sensors, the system assists with lightning are framed in a unique design element. This element resembles the visor helmets for motorcyclists and therefore is named,, Visor ”. Opel,, Visor ” debuts in GT X experimental and future Opel models will give a new, distinctive, bold and clean face.

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