New US patent granted for floating marine wind turbine

A key patent for offshore floating wind turbines was recently issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. U.S. Patent 10,024,307 Floating Marine Wind Turbine is for floating foundations using a single vertical tube, ballasted at the bottom, with the tower projecting from the top — typically called “spar buoy.”

Floating offshore wind concept

The newly patented design is already being commercially implemented in European waters.

“We introduced this simple idea years ago, in previous patents,” said Doug Selsam, President and CEO of Selsam Innovations | U.S. Windlabs. “This new patent is a continuation of those previous patents, with claims directed more specifically toward our original floating foundation concept.”

The company has conducted wind energy research in California over the last decade, which has been funded in part by The California Energy Commission.

“We believe, of the various floating foundation designs being studied, tested, and promoted, this Spar Buoy design represents the most stable and cost-effective configuration, due to its simplicity and deeper penetration, which minimizes the influence of surface waves,” added Selsam. “The fact that this pivotal I.P. is currently in U.S. hands, is advantageous for U.S. interests.”

Selsam indicates that sale or licensing of the patent is possible, and that U.S. companies might want to acquire the protection this patent offers during this crucial period of “jockeying for position” for deepwater offshore wind-farm projects in U.S. waters.

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