My Patent Application 4266/CHE/2011 brief description.

This is the word document named VIRTUAL_INTERNET_MARKETING_FOR_INVESTORS_REF which gives brief description about my patent application 4266/CHE/2011. The detailed method and patent application is registered at Indian Patent Office Chennai. All this work of method preparation and patent application is prepared entirely on my own indigenous effort without taking anybody help. The estimation ( to evaluate market value of my invention is entirely prepared by me placing relevant comparison graphs. In the similar way I have prepared my another patent application method and estimation whose brief description is published at (

After I prepare complete methods for my 2 rough ideas (VIRTUAL INTERNET MARKETING and EGOVERNMENT FOR NATIONS) out of my 5 disclosed patentable ideas to Infosys/TCS (TCS had also joined to access my system), Jagadish Hiremat and Mohan Das Pai pressurize (using influence and support of 3 politicians mentioned in my complaints) both Infosys and TCS company investors that they must be allowed to steal these ready to register methods and allow them to register in their names which gets rejected by TCS and Infosys company investors and Infosys and TCS company investors ask me to go to Chennai immediately and register my 2 ideas at Indian Patent office. Then I go to Chennai and files two patent applications on my two methods for VIRTUAL INTERNET MARKETING and EGOVERNMENT FOR NATIONS and get my application nos as 4266/CHE/2011 and 4267/CHE/2011. After I return back from Chennai I wanted to prepare complete methods for my remaining 3 rough ideas and file patent applications. However because of my financial weakness due to my unemployment from 2008 December my work on preparations of methods for my remaining 3 rough ideas goes slow. Taking this as advantage Infosys/TCS officers/employees mentioned in my complaints convey to me that I need not to prepare methods for remaining 3 ideas of mine and they will prepare the methods and apply in their names and after assignment of my two inventions to Infosys/TCS company investors they will include me as Inventor in my remaining 3 ideas. Because of fear/trust/faith on Infosys/TCS company officers/employees supported by 3 politicians I take it lightly with optimistic assumption that after assignments of of my 2 registered patent applications I will be included as inventor in my 3 in my remaining 3 ideas.

After this negotiation on my patent application 4266/CHE/2011 is continued on daily basis I and TCS/Infosys company investors have realized that B S Yadiyurappa and his Associates have no respect for the law of India and for democratic rights of mine. Now my hope is being faded that I will be included as inventor in my remaining 3 inventions for which I wish to file FIR with cyber crime police station apart from bringing all this matter and issue in public using social media channels, electronic media and print media at this moment. Once my two inventions are assigned to TCS company investors involving Infosys company investors as per our plan I will initiate legal action against B S Yadiyurappa and Associates if they don’t include me as Inventor giving appropriate share to Infosys in patent rights in my remaining 3 inventions. Infosys should get share in all my 5 inventions as all my 5 inventions have been disclosed having trust and faith on Sri. Narayana Murthy Sir’s image of honesty assuming I will never be cheated if I disclose my ideas to Infosys. Also Infosys is paying/paid salaries to Mohan Das Pai and his three employees to sit with me in hacked computer with social cause/national cause. Considering all these true facts if B S Yadiyurappa and Associates religiously include me as inventor in my remaining three ideas assigning appropriate share in royalties for Infosys failure will result in initiating legal action against B S Yadiyurappa and Associates on the charges of breach of trust/promise/cheating/general criminality/crime against humanity with relevant sections of Indian Penal Code.

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