Miami Patent Attorney Delivers First Inventor TEDx Talk in South Florida

As a long-time Miami Patent Attorney I am extremely honored and excited to invite you to join me at my FIRST upcoming South Florida TEDX Talk during which I will discuss valuable lessons for Miami inventors learned during my journey over the past 20 years in the patent law arena.

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For those of you interested in my credentials as a Miami Patent Attorney in South Florida (prior to the talk above) please consider the following:

I have completed over 1,200 patent cases in a 20 year career serving inventor clients in Miami and South Florida.

I am board certified as a specialist in Intellectual Property Law

I teach patent law to other miami patent lawyers and law students at Nova Southeastern University

I’ve learned from the best Miami Patent Lawyers AND those in several states across America

I was Licensed by the U.S. Patent Office as a Registered Patent Agent Prior to
Law School.

I am proud to have been AV Rated by The Martindale Hubbel Law Directory. An “AV” Rating is the highest rating possible and represents the highest level of competence in the field and ethical standards.

I not only serve clients in the Miami area but also those in 49 other states across America. If you were looking for a heart surgeon for an important operation, would you limit your search to those advertising in your local phone book or within driving distance? While my home base as a Miami Patent Attorney is in South Florida I clients as far afield as Texas and California.

If you happen to live in South Florida and would like to meet in person, you are welcome to make an appointment and come in for the initial meeting. Otherwise, we can have the initial consultation via telephone or video conference. In fact, I have even had local clients choose this option because of the convenience it offers over coming in for the first meeting.

Unlike at other firms, your matter won’t be handed down to some “wet behind the ears” associate while you still pay for senior partner rates.

I would also like to leave you one with one final thought:

It takes years to get a grasp of patent law, arguably the most difficult specialty of law, and a new associate typically doesn’t know
his head from his rear end. Not only that, but associates routinely jump ship to move to other law firms, work in-house for a
corporation, or get burned out (from practicing an area of law they aren’t excited about) and leave the law altogether.

Where will your patent attorney be when you need him?

Please click here to read my personal story how I get started as a Miami Patent Attorney.

My Story:

It reflects many of the same trials & tribulations that inventors themselves go through as they try to make their idea a reality.

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