LG files patent to put camera under the display

Recent patents filed by LG point to a smartphone with an edge-to-edge display devoid of bezels and a camera under the display.

Rumours are rife suggesting Samsung will be the first smartphone manufacturer to implement the front-facing camera under the display when they launch the 10th anniversary Galaxy S device. Now, it appears that LG also has joined this race and as per multiple patents filed by them, it appears that LG too, plans to add a camera under the display.

As per a report by Softpedia, LG has filed multiple patents with Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) that have been published on October 24 and November 2 portraying a smartphone with an edge-to-edge display without bezels and an under-display camera.

The patent filings refer to two smartphones, both of which have full-screen displays that are edge-to-edge. One of the smartphones come with straight edges and rounded corners while the next smartphone has the right side of the display curved.

The patent filings show both smartphones coming with flexible displays with Softpedia stating that this is the technology that smartphone manufacturers will start adopting to in the next few years. Both handsets also come with a hole in the display that allows a camera to be added under the screen with the hole being an oval shape that can in all likelihood encase more than a single camera unit.

The patent states, “The present application design inside of panel the hole is directly formed and the display (Full Screen Display) of the screen which observingly tightly kicks can be implemented and the effect that can minimize the bezel since it can have the camera within a panel can be given.”


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