Issues in Intellectual Property and Taxation

For many companies, intellectual property is one of the main cornerstones of their success.

Finding the ideal location where to park these assets and benefit from the best IP tax regime available for tax optimization purposes is paramount.

Our panelists will introduce us to the many advantages of select European IP tax regimes and discuss how these can be best applied for tax planning purposes.


Andreas Varianos, Managing Director, Asus Plus, Cyprus
Meori Ampeli, Tax Lawyer, Ampeli Tax Law Offices, Israel
Dr. Peter Wilson, International Tax Expert, PB First Global Tax Advisors, Dubai
Marina Warwick, International Lawyer, Alma Legal, Isle of Man

Moderated by Vasiliki Petrou, Corporate Lawyer, Meridian Trust – Corporate & Fiduciary Services, Cyprus

Intellectual property and taxation. Uncovered.

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