Iran Ranks 21st in Nanotechnology Patent Registrations in 2018 – IFP News – Iran Front Page

Since 2010, has used scientific methods and an appropriate search to extract nanotechnology statistics and information from reputable sources to publish them. It is the reference of researchers and policy makers in the world.

According to the ISO standard (ISO / TS 18110), the inventions that contain at least one claim related to nanotechnology or, according to IPC classification codes, have a code related to the field of nanotechnology, are categorized in the field of nanotechnology.

According to ISNA, in 2018, a total of 13050 nanoscale patents were filed at the US Patent Office (USPTO) and Europe (EPO), of which the USPTO contributed 11280 patent registrations.

Among the first 25 countries in nanoscience production, India ranked 17th with 66 patents and Iran with 42 registrations ranked 21st.

Iran patents for nanotechnology grew 68 percent last year to improve its ranking. This number includes approximately 27 percent of the total Iranian patent registrations in the USPTO in 2018.

From this perspective, i.e. “the share of nano-patents of all patents of a country” the Islamic Republic ranks first, followed by Saudi Arabia with 18 percent. It indicates that these countries are paying more attention to this area of technology.

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