Inventor Process, Inc.

We are Inventor Process, Inc. We help inventors protect and market their ideas.

Inventor Process, Inc. is a professional product/invention marketing firm dedicated to assisting independent inventors in protecting and marketing their innovations.

Our pledge is to provide high-quality services and timely advice that may help you achieve maximum potential for your new idea while minimizing out-of-pocket costs.

As a matter of policy, we share the knowledge gained from our decades of experience in new product introduction with our clients. We do bring to the table experience, expertise and knowledge coupled with honesty, integrity and ethics.

Taking a new product from ground floor to the shelves of the marketplace is a challenging endeavor with no guarantees of success, and that’s why it’s critical to have a reliable source for information and services. We are that source. Our team of industry experts can have you presenting your product to companies in a protected, professional, and credible manner in just a short amount of time.

We look forward to working with you on this exciting endeavor.

Innovation… the result of dreams!
— E.B. Ayres

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