Invention & patent for sale, low-cost dual axis Inclinometer

Not just another improvement invention, but a true new discovery concept invention.
This is a high-tech electronic hand-tool. The Patent and the invention are for sale because I ran out of R&D funds. I also are not a sales or marketing fellow, and do not have the know-how on how to manufacture and market this device.

Application examples for CEL as a hand tool instrument: (estimated manufacturing cost $12 to $16)
Finishing work like: hanging cabinets, Building platforms like: a Deck, Porch, Window sills, Tables, Shelves, Floors, Laying building blocks, Gratings like Concrete, Building roads, Golf course greens, Duct hanging, Surveying, House inspections, Setting up industrial machinery, and general construction work. How many applications can you imagine.
Industrial Application examples for CEL Sensor with interface: (cost ~$11) (no LCD display)
Crane stabilization – Grading machinery (dozer — grader — bobcat — backhoe) – Golf putting meter – Platform stabilization – Ship stabilization – Surveying equipment – Vehicle monitoring & stabilization – (Rocket — Tank — warship — platform interface) – Telescope platform – (Mobile Home, RV, TractorTrailer) setup instrument – Satellite pointing device – Fire-trucks with ladders – 4-weelers, pleasure boats, snow grooming — snowmobile –airplane – submarine – Industrial machine alignment.

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