Invention 1: Wire fault detection – LALC-UACJ

Mexico is the second electrical harness exporter in the world and the first to the United States of America; it exports 11,000 millions of dollars every year while China exports 22,000 millions of dollars.
According to our research done through the direction of the IMPI (Municipal Institute of Planning and Research) and the civil association INDEX (National Council of the Maquila and manufacturing Industry of exporting) there are 410 companies in Juarez city from which 186 manufacture harnesses or cables, at the same time we found that 85% of them have a problem on conductivity in their cables, which is detected at the end of the production process due to the fact that currently it does not exist a tool that addresses this problem.
Thanks to the KSC TOPS 6 patent provided by NASA, it will be possible to reduce:
• Inspection time
• Labor cost
• Waste of material
• Rework
• Client complaints
This will obviously be achieved by using the means and adequate tools that assure the success of the use of the patent.
We are looking to perform a market research through the INEGI (National Institute of Statistics), SE (Secretary of Economy) and INDEX, a technical study using the Open Project software, Grant Chart, Brainstorming, as well as the 5W´s and an H method, qualitative by points, and Kaizen 5´S.
In the same way the financial and economic studies will be done through projections, break even points, cash flows and IRR (internal rate of return).
Marketing will be done through a national quality association, fairs and conferences, established distributors, internet and public media.
We are not just looking to start a company, but to guarantee its success and profitability through: customer satisfaction, innovation, labor value, improvement of suppliers, correct use of our resources protecting the environment, controlling our processes, achieve a clean and safe work environment for our staff, good cash flow management, appropriate investments, retribution to society and the commitment with stockholders.
Throughout the implementation of several areas of knowledge from the team and the use of the right tools, it is possible to accomplish this project successfully.

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