How to Write a Patent Application Claim by Don Boys of Central Coast Patent Agency Don Boys of Central Coast Patent Agency discusses writing a claim for a non-provisional patent application. Writing claims for patent applications is the most important service you could ask of a Patent Agent. It is recommended that at the very least, have a registered Patent Agent review your patent application before filing it with the USPTO.

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How to write claims is part of a series of videos about “How to write and file a patent application”. They are created and directed by Don Boys at (CCPA) Central Coast Patent Agency in Santa Cruz CA.

Don’s daughter Cynthia Lamon is also a registered patent agent. Together they have filed over 3,000 US and Foreign patent applications. They offer 45 years of expert legal experience and high-end technical knowledge, of which has earned their firm some of the very best “patent granted” rates in the industry.

#18 Claims #2. This is second of three videos teaching anatomy and drafting of claims in step #11 of the Patent Rights Restored procedure for preparing a patent application.

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