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“Ok great, what if you have sex toy? I have a provisional patent on a sex toy I finalizing the utility patent as we speak, my question is how do you prevent them from stealing taking your idea? The reason I’m asking I have a wife that doesn’t work and two daughters 6 y/and 3 months, and finishing up my computer science bachelor’s degree, I lost retirement and I had to start over again job wise. In American it’s the guy with the biggest pocket book that wins over the little guy. I don’t have a enough money to get a patent lawyer nor an accountant. I can’t get loan for the backing, maybe 120k what’s wrong with crowd funding? I ‘m looking into indiegogo, and kick-starter, however, kickstarters frowns upon sex toys. Indiegogo is a bit loser in there terms and agreement. At all possible how do I connect you, and I fight a battle that I can’t when. And all super possible who should I contact is that adult toy industry J :P”

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