How to paint Patent Leather Jordan XI KOS KINGOFSNEAKERS.COM

How to Paint Patent Leather Using a Jordan 11 as the Base Shoe The Jordan is brand new out of the box – No dirty or stains or ageing
This video explains a few way to paint the patent Leather. And then focusing on the spray version.
Using Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint – Meltonian – SEM Adhesion Promoter
Painted by King Kang for / KOS Questions are always welcome.
Let us know if there is anything you would like to see next.

The following products can all be purchase at our website

Products You will need
Angelus Deglazer& Preparer
Angelus Black 40z
Angelus Duller 1oz
Angelus Jetblack leather dye
Angelus Matte Finisher (since it is a light color to help protect for long term wear)
Angelus High Gloss
Meltonian 4.5oz Spray
Sem Adhesion Promoter
Krylon Matte Finisher
Krylon Clear Clear
Brush Set

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