How to make Reycle Plastic bottles – Is this innovation perfect for India?

I have two friends who are into recycling here in Goa, Clinton Vaz and Baylon Gomes. Both had thrown light on the ISSUES of plastic bottle collection. There people on the road with humungous plastic bags carrying 100s of bottles in them. The volume is huge but the weight of the sack is not too much. So they have make many trips in a day. They said if they had something they could carry with them, to crush a bottle before putting it in the sack, then it would be best…and the issue stuck in my head and i thought we must innovate to solve the problem.
It was important that its cheap and basic so that any metal grill maker with basic materials should be able to make it, that too with scrap lying around..and its effective and yet extremely hardy so that it doesnt just look good but then not work effectively for a long time…etc
If you are in the business, buy 1 from us and get it replicated yourself.
We can make this one for Rs.5,000/- including tax (courier costs extra) Cant export it as that needs an export license.
im sure you can make it for less than 1K when you copy it…but if we are to sell it, we need to add r&d cost to it, plus we can use the money for more new developments as we have lots of ideas. Those of you who know what it takes to make simple looking inventions/innovations….will understand what goes behind it all.

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