How to get a patent with no maney in the UK, US, EU, Canada & Australia. DIY PATENT ONLINE

Patenting is an international affair. Only on the anniversary of filing do you need to pay official fees or simply abandon your invention if nobody is interested. This includes the US, if you file first elsewhere, like the UK. If somebody is interested, they will pay the fees either by giving you an advance on royalties, purchasing your invention outright or backing your venture.

DIY PATENT ONLINE is an affordable Amazon ebook with links to all you need, like official search and filing sites. It also lists all the official patent filing fees for each territory, has links, and tips to get the job done quickly. Basically it’s a road map to what you have to do, with hyperlinks to where to go next. It’s a hold-your-hand, step by step, easy-read manual on how to apply for a patent without a patent attorney and with absolutely no expense at all beyond your time and effort.

Reading up on patenting is a cure for insomnia. Get up to speed fast with DIY PATENT ONLINE, then fall asleep with the rest. It’s not written by an attorney but by an inventor who has done it without paying attorneys and, what’s more, has licensed his inventions internationally too.

Even for those intending to hire a patent attorney DIY PATENT ONLINE is the fastest way to get up to speed and understand exactly what you’re getting into when you seek a patent to better negotiate their spectacular rates.

The reality is most patents don’t get taken up by anybody, however the lawyers still make a killing every time. Ask yourself is an attorney going to tell you that you are a genius or your invention doesn’t have a hope in hell of commercial success? You don’t do business telling an emperor he is naked.

Do it yourself and even if you fail you have learned lots about the process and your next invention is much more likely to succeed simply because you will have learned what is patentable and what isn’t.

Check out the reviews. The slight negative comments on what is obviously a knowledgable attorney’s 3 star review have been addressed and I thank him. The rest speak for themselves.

Unlike other how-to patent videos, the only commercial aspect of this video is to sell an ebook, the other is to help lone inventors fulfill their dreams. It does exactly what it says on the cover in a way no paperback or hardback can. The hyperlinks are the key to getting you there fast and in this respect DIY PATENT ONLINE is a unique publication.

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