HOW to Clear Indian Patent Agent Exam 2018- #IntellectualPropertyrights #askpatentagent

Indian Patent Agent Exam 2018 Training in New Delhi/ Gurugram
How to understand and imbibe technology and law is the question YOU need to answer to enter #IntellectualPropertyrights https://startupindiastrategist.com

Gurugram batches for Indian Patent Agent Examination Training, 2018 starting 18th August (tentatively)
For Enrolment: Contact +91-9050400369, +91-8826957598
Intellectual Property will help to increase India’s GDP-Indian Patent Agent Examination 2018
Indian Patent Agent examination is conducted by Indian Patent Office (IPO). Get your answers to unanswered questions related to Indian Patent Agent examination 2018 by #askpatentexpert
-How difficult is Indian patent agent exam?
-What is the syllabus for patent agent exam in India?
-How to prepare for Indian patent agent exam
-What is the best way to prepare for the Indian patent agent examination in India?
Gurugram batches for Indian Patent Agent Examination Training, 2018 starting 18th August (tentatively)
Indian Patent Agent Exam Coaching- Batch 1
Indian Patent Agent Exam Coaching + Patent Searching Modules – Batch 2
For Enrolment: Contact +91-9050400369, +91-8826957598
Indian Patent Agent Examination Training, 2018 by International Patent Expert
Tech Corp International strategist (TCIS), India is providing professional training course and happy to announce offline and online course modules to prepare the aspiring individuals for the Indian Patent Agent Examination, 2018, to obtain qualifications necessary to practice as a Patent Agent under the Patent Act, 1970 and Rules.
Ask your Patent Agent queries by using #askpatentexpert on twitter.
The course modules has been prepared by expert Patent attorneys who have more than 30,000++ working hours of experience in working for fortune 100 companies across the globe and have assisted IP rich research centres to file patents in multiple countries.

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