How the Patent Office is Intent on Killing Innovation in India?

The issue of innovation is one that is constantly being talked about by our government and indeed the private sector. Indeed Prime Minister Modi has been quoted as saying that innovation is the key driver of growth. One of the issues at the core of the debate about how to best ensure innovation is regarding access to knowledge and the role played by intellectual property regimes in restricting access to information.

In late August, 2015, the Indian Patent Office released a new set of guidelines on the examination of computer related inventions. These, guidelines have the effect of enlarging the scope of patents for software, mathematical models and business methods – thereby restricting the scope of innovation for programmers.

Newsclick interviews Venkatesh Hariharan, Outreach lead for the Open Invention Network and a member of the Ispirits expert group on software patents, to discuss the issue of software patenting, the effects this can have on society, as well as the specific guidelines issues by the IPO.

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