How much does it cost to file a patent and get the patent issued? with all hidden costs included

Find the total cost (“filing fee” and all “additional fees”) that you must pay before you can receive an issued patent.
After you have filed your patent application, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issues “office actions” which must be replied to in order to keep your patent application active.
Each “office action” must be responded to or else your patent application will become abandoned.
Each of these “office actions” will cost you “additional fees” since your patent attorney or patent agent needs to prepare and reply back to the USPTO to answer each of these “office actions”.
These “additional fees” are above and beyond the “filing fee” that you had already paid for to prepare and file your patent application into the USPTO.
This is why you should not base your selection of a patent agent or patent attorney solely on the price of the “filing fee”.
The “filing fee” may be low, but the “additional fees” can be astronomical, particulay if an hourly rate is charged to perform the services corresponding to these “additional fees”!
These “additional fees” cause the total cost of an issued patent to range anywhere between $8-20K or higher.
Tyrean Patent Prosecution Law Firm offers a flat fee to respond to these “office actions” thereby preventing the “additional fees” from skyrocketing and emptying your pocketbook.
Because of our flat fee structure, you can receive an issued patent through us for under $7,500 total (all of Tyrean’s service fees and all of the USPTO’s required fees) if the USPTO allows your patent application on the first action!
Visit Tyrean or call 908-821-6590 to see what your total cost to get an issued patent would be!

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