Freedom to Innovate: Google’s “20% Time” Initiative

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Anjali Joshi, Director of Product Management at Google, explains the company’s informal “20 percent time” initiative. Under this system, Google employees are free to devote about one day per week to a project they feel passionate about, regardless of whether it relates to their usual job duties.


A discussion on Championing an Innovative Culture & Embracing Disruptive Ideas in a Global Corporation with Maria Bartiromo, Beth Comstock, and Anjali Joshi. World Entrepreneurship Day is the internationally-recognized day for the celebration of the world’s entrepreneurial heroes.

Beth Comstock is Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of GE. She leads the company’s organic growth and commercial innovation initiatives, and the sales, marketing and communications functions. She is responsible for the GE-wide business platforms ecomagination, devoted to reducing environmental impact and new technology, and healthymagination, focused on achieving sustainable health through innovation by lowering costs, improving quality and reaching more people.

Anjali Joshi is an accomplished technology executive who has held significant leadership positions in high-growth companies. She is a currently a Director of Product Management at Google where she leads groups focused on the software, network and computing infrastructure, translation products and internationalization/localization of Google products. Most recently, she has been integral in managing Google’s Fiber to Communities effort, which will ultimately bring ultra high-speed broadband access to as many as 500,000 people across the United States.

Maria Bartiromo is the anchor of CNBC’s “Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo”, and host and managing editor of the nationally syndicated “Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo,” which was also recently rated the most watched financial news program in America.

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