Electricity from the Ground (My investigation into the Barbosa and Leal Patent)

In this video I investigate the Barbosa and Leal Patent #WO2013104042 “Electromagnetic Device for Capturing Electrons from the Ground to Generate Electricity” here is a link to the patent: https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2013104042&recNum=1&maxRec=&office=&prevFilter=&sortOption=&queryString=&tab=PCTDescription
Here is a link to “The Practical Guide to Free Energy Device.pdf” which also contains this patent on page 213: http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk/PJKbook.pdf
This patent gave me a lot of food for thought. I’ve never seen a copper to copper induced electricity connection.

Ed Leedskalnin said that magnetism and electricity were part of the same force. The fact that you can induce electricity in the same way you can induce magnetism to me further proves Ed’s assumption about electricity and magnetism.
Both coils were wound in the SAME directions in the video. However, Barbosa may have had them wound in reverse (I’m investigating this right now). I used the same gage 18 ga wire for everything except for that thick 4 ga wire around which I wound 18 ga ground connection. This ground connection is loosely wound around the 4 ga wire.

The Earth has a charge of about 500,000 volts and millions of AMPS through telluric currents, so why aren’t we using it for power?

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