Don Boys on Writing the Specification or Disclosure of a Patent Application Don Boys of Central Coast Patent Agency discusses writing the Specification or Disclosure of a Patent Application.

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How to write the Specification or Disclosure is part of a series of videos about “How to write and file a patent application”. They are authored and directed by Don Boys at (CCPA) Central Coast Patent Agency in Santa Cruz CA.

Don’s daughter Cynthia Lamon is also a registered patent agent. Together they have filed over 3,000 US and Foreign patent applications. They deliver 45 years of expert legal experience and technical knowledge, both of which has earned their firm some of the best “patent granted” rates in the industry.

#12 Order of Specification. This video describes the order of the specification in the sixth step of the Patent Rights Restored procedure for preparing a patent application.

Now here is an important tip. Preparing the drawings set is a first step to authoring the specification, and we will guide you through that authoring process as well.

But, as you compose the specification later, largely as a description of the drawings you have prepared, you will often find that you want to change a drawing, delete or add a drawing, or at least change details or element numbers in a drawing.

So in the first cut of your drawings, use pencil and draw lightly. You may want to edit and make changes as you go.

This is not a problem if you use a computerized program. Those programs allow deletions, additions, and editing at will.

The next video in this series is dedicated to those who will use a computerized drawing program.

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