Coal to Diesel Conversion using State-of-the-Art Pyrolysis (Gasification) System (Revised Ver.)

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Turning Environmental Challenges into Clean Energy Solutions!

Energy Dynamics Corporation International (EDCI) is a USA corporation that globally promotes the deployment of technological solutions for the efficient, pollution-free production and use of energy. EDCI collaborates with key strategic partners to develop, install and operate EDCI Clean Energy Solutions that integrate key cutting-edge technologies. These technologies, and the strength of our strategic partnerships, allow EDCI to serve as a one-stop-shop for those who need to turn waste and other environmental challenges into energy solutions.

EDCI Clean Energy Solutions convert various forms of waste, and other organic materials, into green energy, either in the form of synthesis gas, liquid fuels and/or electricity. With an emphasis on environmental protection, benefit to local communities, worker safety, and quality services, EDCI has globally positioned itself as a premier source of customizable, environmentally-friendly, and profitable clean energy solutions that create local jobs and promote healthier environments while solving a variety of waste and energy challenges.

EDCI Clean Energy Solutions are based upon modular engineering design concepts with built-in redundancy of key modules, and common maintenance and replacement parts which limit down-time and maintain nearly 100% energy production capacity. Key technologies comprising EDCI Clean Energy Solutions involve:

– pre-processing of variable waste or other organic feedstock (e.g. coal, municipal solid waste, agricultural and animal waste, sewage sludge, used tires, waste plastics, medical waste, etc.);

– gasification of single or multiple streams of organic feedstock resulting in the production of synthesis gas (CO and H2) and inert residue;

– processing the synthesis gas into either liquid fuels (through a series of catalytic reactions) or into electricity (through combustion in a turbine or engine); and

– processing the inert residue from the gasification process into usable products (e.g. fertilizer, concrete & building materials, etc.)

EDCIs key strengths include a broad base of expertise and experience through EDCIs Management Team in the crucial areas of engineering, business development and management, marketing and sales, and resource and project management; as well as the establishment and maintenance of a solid network of key strategic partners to develop, install and operate EDCI Clean Energy Solutions. The strategic partners within our business network actively protect each others interests and allow for the deployment of integrated clean energy solutions not available through any other single company or system integrator.

The global market for the clean and renewable energy industry is expansive and provides limitless opportunities for the collaborative development of clean energy projects in nearly every country in both the public and private sectors. Steady increases in the cost of carbon-based fuels and electricity worldwide, and growing concerns about environmental sustainability and global warming provide a compelling rationale and sound fiscal incentives for the establishment of EDCI Clean Energy Solutions. EDCI endeavors to establish separate legal entities for each clean energy project in collaboration with key partners for the long-term ownership, operation and success of each individual project.

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(Note: This is a slightly updated version of a video posted about 2 months earlier.)

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