Cisco Develops Confidential Communication System Using Blockchain According to Patent Filing

Cisco, an important technology company located in California, is trying to develop a confidential communication system using blockchain technology. According to a patent application released on march the 29th, the company is working on this confidential communication system.

Cisco’s Confidential Communication System

Blockchain technology is being used in many aspects and fields. It seems that Cisco wants to give more privacy to groups of people that communicate with each other. The patent application describes the way in which blockchain can make messaging more secure and confidential.

Cisco Logo
Cisco Logo

At the same time, the patent explains that the blockchain system could allow files and documents to be sent.

The patent application reads as follows:

“A system and method for achieving authorization in confidential group communications in terms of an ordered list of data blocks representing a tamper-resistant chronological account of group membership updates.”

The messaging method would also allow individuals and groups to track membership history. Furthermore, messages, content sharing and, streamed media will be totally encrypted.

“This method permits ad-hoc and decentralized group definition, dynamic and decentralized membership updates, open sharing, tamper resistance, and tracking of membership history. There are many applications of these techniques. One such applications is enabling end-to-end encryption of instant messaging, content sharing, and streamed media.”

Only the authorized participants will be able to join the group chat that would be based on a decentralized network. The first participant will generate the genesis block and it would define the initial set of group members.

In the past, Cisco submitted another application that aimed to use blockchain technology to track Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Yesterday, we wrote at UseTheBitcoin that Intel filed a patent that reduces the energy used by bitcoin mining activities. According to the patent application, the technology company explains that there could be a more efficient way to mine cryptocurrencies, an activity that consumes important amounts of energy.

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing an important decline that started months ago. Since December 2017, a bearish sentiment dominates the market. But this situation is not stopping enterprises from investing in blockchain technology and its possible applications.

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