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Answered-How Much Does It Cost to File a Utility Patent Application?

This video is about Answered-How Much Does It Cost to File a Utility Patent Application?


What should innovators expect after they file a utility patent application?


Eric Hanscom, Attorney ICIP Law Shows Examples Of Utility Patents

ICIP Law Successful Utility Patents


Provisional Patent Applications & Non-Provisional Applications – What’s the Difference?

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International Patent Applications

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Lecture 27 – Patent Utility

This lecture covers the “utility” requirement of 35 USC ยง 101, including operable utility, beneficial (or moral) utility, and practical (or substantial)...


How To Get A Utility Patent

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Provisional Patent Application Process

Eric Hanscom continues his Intellectual Property educational video series. This Video, Eric will focus on the importance of filing the Provisional Patent correctly, how...


Why Your Patent Application Will Be Rejected

In this video, patent attorney Damon Kali explains what office actions are and how to prepare for them. The truth? The United States Patent and Trademark Office will...


What Is A Utility Patent Application

What Is A Utility Patent Application? How Does The Utility Patent Application Process Work? The Rapacke Law Group is the Premier Fixed-Fee Intellectual Property Firm...