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How Can I Protect My Idea Internationally

Learn how to protect your idea internationally. To clarify, by filing a PCT application, an inventor is given 30 months from the earliest patent filing date to file in...

Global Dossier – modernizing the global patent system

Learn about a proposed set of business services aimed at modernizing the global patent system and delivering benefits to all stakeholders. The Global Dossier provides...

Public PAIR – How to use to use it

Public PAIR is a great resource for getting information about patent applications, but not many people know about it. Here is a link to the PAIR start page:...

Patent Drawings.wmv

A brief overview of rules to follow when preparing patent drawings

Need Patent Drawing? The Cat Knows The Answer.

Its so hard to find an experienced patent illustrator. But this cat can help.

Jeffrey Schox: What is Patentable?

Jeffrey Schox, a patent attorney and lecturer at Stanford University, discusses the best way to describe your unique invention to get a patent application approved. The...

#24 – USPTO raises patent maintenance fees

Seminar: Mr. Michael Edwards – Patent Laws and Procedures for Filling a Patent Application

Learn more at:

My Patent Application 4266/CHE/2011 brief description.

This is the word document named VIRTUAL_INTERNET_MARKETING_FOR_INVESTORS_REF which gives brief description about my patent application 4266/CHE/2011. The detailed method...

What are the types of Patent? What are the types of Patent