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Caribbean American Heritage Month

USPTO celebrates Caribbean American Heritage Month by exploring the many nations and one voice that our Caribbean American employees bring to the agency. The many...


Are you ready?

We’re getting ready for the issuance of patent no. 10,000,000.


It Gets Better: U.S. Patent and Trademark employees share their stories

“Do not let the bullies of the world distract you from the commitment to achieve your fullest potential,’ says USPTO Director Michelle K. Lee in this video featuring...


Is This President Trump Touring a Chemtrail Plane? May, 2017

Is This President Trump Touring a Chemtrail Plane? May, 2017 Patent Numbers, Images, Geo engineering, Terraforming, HAARP, Weather Wars, More. Exclusive Content @...


Activision Patents Bad Matchmaking to Push Microtransactions



National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), a time to raise awareness about disability employment issues and to celebrate the important...


TMIN News 13: TTAB

This video provides an overview of the three main types of Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB” or “Board”) proceedings a trademark owner may...


How to Get a Trademark

If you are using a word, symbol, phrase, or design to identify your product or service and distinguish it from other companies’ products or services, then you may...


California Inventors Assistance Program (CIAP) Patent Pro Bono Program

Need free pro bono legal assistance to patent your invention? This video explains how the CALIFORNIA INVENTORS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (CIAP) works. Under Section 32 of the...


Brands OnTap :: Dips and Tips, Wheels and Deals, Hemp Hunters, and a Scream Machine

TM filings including Swaggle, Fanlife, Sure2lickem, Dips, The Frog, Dollarpalooza, Hemptemps University, Lovers’ Dream, and Afternoon Men. SOURCES: The Frog...