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Provisional Patent Applications Explained

This episode discusses how provisional applications work, including priority, and advantages and disadvantages of using provisional applications.


Why You Should Write Your Own Provisional Patent Application (PPA)

Should you try to patent your invention? Do you need a patent? If you’re thinking about patenting, you need to familiarize yourself with provisional patent...


The Risks of an Improperly Filed Provisional Patent Application

There are certain risks of filing a provisional patent application that a lot of inventors are not aware of and that low cost document preparation companies pushing...


The Provisional Patent Application Process

This Webinar Will Show You The Requirements To File A Provisional Patent Application. The Law Offices of Anthony Santangelo, Esq., MBA Learn How To Protect Your...


Should I Show Companies My Provisional Patent Application?

David Fedewa is inventRight’s Advanced Negotiations Coach. He and inventRight coach Amy Jo Brogan tackle an important question: Should you show a potential...


How to file a provisional patent?

Hey! I made this video about 2 years ago I’m gonna try to provide some info. Also, feel free to comment down below if you have any questions A Non-Provisional...


How to Write a $65 Provisional Patent Application That Has Value

Licensing expert Stephen Key explains why a well-written provisional patent application is all you need to license an idea. But how do you write a PPA that actually has...


Provisional Patent – Myths vs. Laws

Join us at or our full service and eduction website at “Provisional Patents” may be the most mis-used...


Filing a Provisional Patent – do it in 20 minutes for $65

DropBox link to all the links and forms mentioned, already pre-filled for you: If you want...


Afraid to File a Provisional Patent Application? Don’t Be!

In this video, inventRight cofounders Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss discuss how to file a provisional patent application with patent attorney Damon Kali. Can you file...