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Learn about Patent Research and Other Types of Searching

Learn more at I wanted to do a quick video discussing the differences between patent research and some of the other more advanced types of...


Introduction to Patent Writing

Harold Milton Master of Science in Patent Law Program


How To Patent and Protect You iPhone App

The Steps to Protecting your App Ideas, Patent and trade Mark your Idea and the steps you should take before you go that rout.


600 Grain Broadhead & Provisional Patent Mammoth “”Frozen” Drop-Away Arrow POI @ 150 + Yards

Provisional patent multiple grains per inch zones and multiple spine zones, CNC-J devoid of 1st bend @ .001 Straightness prototype carbon shaft from Jenny and Frank out...


Small Buiness Owner: Patent Pro Bono Program

An interview with a small business owner describing how she applied to the program and the benefits of participating. Video 6 of 7 about the USPTO Patent Pro Bono...


Patents: How to Respond to an Office Action – Part IV

After applying for a patent on behalf of your client, the Patent Office will issue an Office Action when it has found an issue with your client’s application and...


International Patent Treaties, Laws & Practice – Intellectual Property Lawyer Rich Beem at Iowa St. (312) 201-0011 Chicago patent attorney Richard Beem addresses an audience in the Technology, Globalization and Culture course...


Product Licensing Sell Sheet Reviews Part 2

If you want to license your product idea, an effective sell sheet will open the door and do the talking for you. But what makes a sell sheet good, exactly? How could...


What Happens When You Get A Rejection from US Patent Office There 4 different types of rejections: 101 rejection means that the patent office can’t figure out why its eligible for patatent. 102...


American Inventor Services…a ripped off client responds

My apologies for the digital hits. For some reason, my editing software is kicking out. I uploaded the video, anyway because of my need to get this out there. This video...