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How Much Money Will You Make Licensing? (Royalties)

Everyone wants to know, what’s a fair royalty rate? What’s a standard royalty rate? Stephen and Andrew answer that and more, including how to determine how...


How to Make a Graphite Carbon Rod Electrode for Battery and Other Applications

Updated December 9, 2018 The patent application has been published! You can read all the details on the discovery currently disclosed here:...


How Much Money I Made Licensing My Ideas

How much money can you make licensing your ideas for new products? In this video, “One Simple Idea” author Stephen Key reveals how much he earned licensing...


Keyword Searching Patents

Keyword Searching. Locate patents from company or inventor information at the USPTO and Google Patent Search


Is First to File a Good or Bad Law for Inventors?

Licensing expert Stephen Key discusses the America Invents Act with patent attorney Damon Kali. Before the AIA, the U.S. system was based on first to invent. Now...


How to Conduct Prior Art Search for Patent?


Introduction to the Course “Patent Drafting for Beginners”

This lecture is a part of a NPTEL course on Patent Drafting for Beginners. Course link for January-April 2018—


Patent Licensing Strategy – John Baxter

John Baxter discusses Licensing Strategies.


Specifications & Amendments

The Handbook on Patent Law: (The Patents Act 1970, Patnets Rules 2003, IPAB Rules 2010 & 2011, Amendments, Cross Coded Bare Act with Cross...


The Company Behind the Snuggie Wants Your Inventions

Do you have the next great ‘As Seen On TV’ product? Contact Michael Weinstein of Allstar Products. Licensing expert Stephen Key interviews him about the...