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What is the process to obtain a patent in New Jersey? – Semalt

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Fast Track Patent Examination

Following passage of the America Invents Act, the USPTO now provides ways to fast track or accelerate patent examination. In this video, Michael V. Messinger, director...


Invent+Patent Intro

An introduction to the Invent + Patent System.


Volunteer Attorney: Patent Pro Bono Program

An interview with an attorney on how to apply to volunteer and what to expect. Video 5 of 7 about the USPTO Patent Pro Bono program. Learn more about this program at...


Legal Assistance Programs for Independent Inventors

Developed by the USPTO and intellectual property law associations across the country, the Pro Bono Assistance Program provides free patent application legal services for...


Perform a patent search – Semalt

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Why you Need to Make a Prototype of your Invention

Why you MUST try to make a prototype of your invention, and some considerations before you get started with it. Below are the links to the videos for steps A and B of...


What Is The Difference Between Priority Date And Filing Date?

What is the difference between priority date and filing date? KNOW MORE ABOUT What is the difference between priority date and filing date? If an applicant …


US or India : Where to file a patent first?

United States of America (USA) often is one of the favorite & lucrative destination for the applicants for filing a patent application. US patent may hold better...


How To Read A Patent Application Drawings and Text on Same Screen

How To Read A Patent Application (Tutorial)