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UX vs. UI: Product Design 101

In this video I define UX and UI separately and talk about the difference between UI and UX. I also talk about the goals of UI/UX, and a few things you need to consider...

PRODUCT DESIGN: IDEATION – George Gilliatt 2016

Adobe APAC Live Episode 22: Digital Product Design with Olivia King

Olivia King is a multiple award-winning designer specialises in product, brand, storytelling experiences, and above all – designing for good. This week, Liv will...

Meet Product Design Student Audrey Liu

Audrey takes us inside the life of an ArtCenter student with this self-portrait of her experience working toward a degree in Product Design. This video was made in 2007.

UTS – Product Design 3D Printing Prosthetics

Building upon existing 3D CAD designs from, Cory Dolman, a Product Design Honours student at UTS shares how he created a 3D printed prosthetic

Ask a Designer: Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good design

Product designer Dieter Rams became famous in the 20th century for his household products. Rams’ credo: “less is more” was a garantee for success. And some...

Canva – Product Design Team Recruitment

Calling all Product Designers! Now is an incredible time to join Canva! We are ramping up globally, so your work will be used by millions of people. And we’re just...

BUMechE Professor of the Practice, Anna Thornton | M.S. Product Design & Manufacture

BUMECHE Professor of the Practice, Anna Thornton talks about the exciting new M.S. degree in Product Design & Manufacture. Boston University | College of...

USD SKATES – product design timelapse

USD SKATES – product design timelapse I went vintage blade hunting for a promo video for USD skates. You can watch the final promo here:

Inside the Apple Factory: Software Design in the Age of Steve Jobs

Even though hundreds of millions of people use Apple products every single day, very few people have been able to reveal the secrets and the stories behind designing...