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Festival of Design & Engineering 2018: BA/BSc/MDES Product Design

Filmed at the Festival of Design & Engineering 2018, BA/BSc/MDES Product Design students share their reasons for choosing BU and discuss their experience of...


Industrial Design Sketching – BiC Pen Cars

★☆★Learn to sketch like an industrial designer ★☆★ ► ★☆★Merch ► ★☆★...


Drop Test (Product Design)

This video is about My Movie 2


Sketchbook Pro | How to draw Bottles using the Symmetry axis | Industrial design sketching

DOWNLOAD THE DESIGNER STARTER KIT: Today we explore a powerful technique of How to draw bottles. I believe it’s powerful because...


How to draw Product Design Sketching _Wacom

Lesson 3 -Fast digital sketching this drawing took me 2 minutes,hope you find it inspiring and it will help you to learn more about product design sketching


How to Sketch and Render for Product Design – Draw like a Pro – Marker Tips & Tricks

In this video we are sketching and rendering a kitchen food mixer, taking you step-by-step through each stage of the process. Find out more about studying with us at...


How to make a portfolio for University (foundation art and product design)

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Fancy Product Designer – WooCommerce/WordPress Plugin | Sneaker Demo

In this tutorial Johnny is explaining how to recreate the Sneaker Demo on our website. After the video you should know how to use Fancy Product Designer with Multistep...


5 Coolest Portable Outdoor Grill – Product Design and Ideas 2018

Here are just 5 of the best portable outdoor grill you can buy. Product Links US 1. GOBQ ► 2. Kanka Grill ► | 3....


How to draw headphones – Copic markers industrial design sketching

★☆★Learn to sketch like an industrial designer ★☆★ ► ★☆★Merch ► ★☆★...