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Law Relating to Patents in India

This Lecture talks about Law Relating to Patents in India


Patents Explained – How to make money from a patent – SUPPORT ME Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment – Thank you!!! Help me caption...


The EASIEST Way To Check For Patents And Trademarks On A Product | Product Research Series E5

Finding products to sell on Amazon can be difficult by itself. But making sure your products aren’t patented or trademarked can be equally as difficult. Anthony...


Patent Basics (1) – Understanding a Claim

Understanding a patent claim is the first step in understanding patents …………a quick tutorial by a 20+ year veteran.


Wie kann ich ein Patent anmelden? | Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz auf den Punkt gebracht

Wenn Sie Ihre Innovation vor Nachahmern schützen wollen, müssen Sie beim Patentamt ein Patent anmelden. Aber wie läuft der Prozess von der Idee bis zum Patent ab?...


The Top 5 Most Absurd Patents in the US

Abby Martin goes over the top 5 most ridiculous patents in the US, citing everything from Amazon’s patent of white background photography to Apple’s patent...


What is a Patent

For more info: This video includes Basic info about Patents, Patentability Criteria, How you can use Patents for your Business, and How to Seek...


What is a Patent and how to apply for a Patent?

What is a Patent? “Whenever you invent something which is original, you apply for a Patent for the invention. In order to get a Patent, your invention must be...


Lecture 00 – Introduction to Patents

Lecture 00 is an overview of the US Patent System and an introduction to the course.


How to Search for Patents

Wondering why the video cut off? Our videos have moved. Go to to view the most recent content. This video explains patent classification...