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Prosty Patent – Ochrona Oczu z Paleniska!

Zapraszam do wsparcia mnie na PATRONITE: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROZWIŃ OPIS ZANIM ZAPYTASZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


U.S. Government PATENTED Ebola! Why?

Who has the most to gain by a worldwide outbreak of Ebola? Whoever can sell a solution to the problem, right? And just who that might be? Global pharmaceutical companies...


IP Crash Course: Patent an Idea

The first of a four week crash course on Intellectual Property Basics with University of Michigan Law Professor Bryce Pilz. Find out more at


General Barnes tank patent

In this video we look at an unusual patent on a tank made by General Barnes, head of Ordnance during WWII and how his patent would influence later designs. Barnes Patent...


Nele in patent boots Nele walkes in her patent boots in the palace garden


Tilting Vehicles Patent

Leaning Suspensions on Trikes, Reverse Trikes, and Quads Patent # US8,262,111 B2 Patent available for acquisition. Ph: 319 573-4395 Sax Rock and Roll by Kevin MacLeod is...


Florida Patent Lawyer

The Plus IP Firm – Naples 1100 5th Avenue South, Suite 201 Naples FL 34102 (239) 451-3135


Mind Control is Real: United States Patent 6506148 B2 Mind Control is Real United States Patent 6506148 B2 Confirms Human...


Future tech: Sony files U.S. patent for smart contact lens that records and plays video – TomoNews

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA —Tech giant Sony has joined the race to develop digital contact lens technology. Sony has plans for a wearable lens that can take photos and...


Innovation vs Monopoly – “NO” on current patent changes

Don’t let Washington Lobbyist or Corporate Goliaths destroy our U.S. patent system by changing the current patent laws that protect new ideas, innovations and...