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USPTO United States Patent Office

What every Inventor NEEDS TO KNOW !! BEFORE YOU get YOUR patent STOLEN! USPTO – makes it simple to steal YOUR PATENT!


How To Shine Patent Leather On Jordan 11s Tutorial! (Materials You Would Find At Home) Easy!

Need some supplies? Purchase Supplies Here : Use my rep code, “SiNTB” to save yourself some money on Karmaloop, Brick Harbor, and...


Patent Ochsner – Angelina (Original)

Band: Patent Ochsner Song: Angelina Album: The Rimini Flashdown


Huawei Mate X Foldable Smartphone Introduction Concept, Based on Patent Documents

Huawei Mate X Foldable Smartphone Introduction Concept with 8inch 4K Display: We have...


Patent Bot Introduction

An introduction to the Patent Bot


How Do You Amortize A Patent?

How do you amortize a patent? KNOW MORE ABOUT How do you amortize a patent? Amortization Formula. To amortize assets using the straight-line …


dziadka patent pomidorowy

sadzenie pomidorów


Who Was The First American Female To Patent Her Invention A Method Of Weaving Straw With Silk?

Who was the first American female to patent her invention a method of weaving straw with silk? KNOW MORE ABOUT Who was the first American female to …


How to paint Patent Leather Jordan XI KOS KINGOFSNEAKERS.COM

How to Paint Patent Leather Using a Jordan 11 as the Base Shoe The Jordan is brand new out of the box – No dirty or stains or ageing This video explains a few way...


Patent Ochsner – Gummiboum

Patent Ochsner – Gummiboum