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Trainee Patent Attorney bij V.O. Patents & Trademarks

Deze film geeft een indruk van het werk van een octrooigemachtigde en wat het traineeship bij V.O. zo bijzonder maakt.


Beware of Corrupt Patent Attorneys

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben name the players in the Deep State corruption of the U.S. patent system. If you are an entrepreneur, inventor, or creator, you will...


What is a Patent Attorney? Career Advice for Aspiring Intellectual Property Professionals.

Matt Dixon, a Partner with the Intellectual Property firm, Harrison Goddard Foote (HGF) answers some of the common questions one might ask if considering a career as a...


Patent Attorney Video – What is a Poor Man’s Patent?

Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner answers inventor question – what is a poor man’s patent? Under the new patent law, you must file a patent application...


Book Launch & Signing Event by Florida Patent Attorney John Rizvi

Please visit for help in protecting & profiting from your idea or invention. I serve inventors in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, West...


How Much Does A Patent Attorney Cost – Patent Attorney Flat Fees – Inventor FAQ – Ask an Attorney

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What is a Patent Attorney (and How to Become One)?

A Patent Attorney deals with Intellectual Property Law and is essential if you want to get something patented. Watch to find out more, and to find out the essential...


What Happens When You File A Patent Application? Chicago Patent Attorney Rich Beem Explains Chicago patent attorney Rich Beem explains what happens when you file a patent application. One can file a patent application on their own or...


What To Expect From A Patent Attorney or Trademark Attorney – Inventor FAQ – Ask an Attorney

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Patent attorney interview

Mr King applies for a job in the patent profession.