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Quit Your Day Job: Episode 8 Bonus Clip – Meeting the Patent Lawyer | Oxygen

Randi and NaChe meet with a patent lawyer to see if her Noki Baby Bottle Adapter is patentable. Watch episodes of Quit Your Day Job, only on Oxygen. ►► Subscribe to...


How My US Patent Attorney Stole My Patent


Faces of Chemistry: Darren Smyth – Patent Attorney

Find out why we need patents and what its like to be a patent attorney from Darren Smyth, who works for EIP.


What To Know Before Calling a Patent Attorney – US Patent Laws – Inventor FAQ – Ask an Attorney

US patent law can be difficult. There are many things you need to know before contacting a patent attorney. Patent Home FAQ #4 dives into some of the steps to take...


Being a patent attorney

Some ideas for the diversity task force


John Keville on His Journey to Becoming a Patent Attorney

Houston Office Managing Partner John Keville discusses how his engineering background influenced his career as a patent attorney.


Intellectual Property Law : Becoming a Patent Lawyer

In order to become a patent lawyer, an individual must become a lawyer by attending an accredited four-year college and obtaining a bachelor’s degree, after which...


An Example of A Client’s Invention and Patent – Chicago Patent Lawyer Richard Beem Explains Chicago patent attorney Rich Beem shows an example of an invention and patent of one of his clients. This particular invention is a picture frame...


Career Advice on becoming a Patent Attorney by Robert G (Full Version)

Visit for more careers info. Robert G is a British and European Patent Attorney – “A Patent Attorney protects...


What do Patent Attorneys do?

This second installment in the intellectual property law series introduces viewers to patent attorneys and explains what they do. We go for a drive in an exotic McClaren...