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Wacky Patent of the month from Patent Attorney Michael Colitz. presents the May 2010 Wacky Patent of the month.


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On November 3rd, 2015, patent attorney Justin Miller spoke to the Intellectual Property Law Society and the Food Law Society at the Stetson University College of law. He...


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Miami Patent Attorney Mark Terry, Esq. discusses trademark protection for products, and in particular, the availability of trade dress as a method for protecting designs...


India cancer drug ruling, April 2013: Chris Mercer, chartered patent attorney, on BBC World

Chartered patent attorney and (then) CIPA President Chris Mercer on BBC World in April 2013 follwoing India’s Supreme Court’s rejection of a plea by Novartis...


Wacky Patent for February 2011 by Patent Attorney Michael Colitz Patent Attorney Michael Colitz presents lighter-than-air-furniture patent number 4,888,836 as Wacky Patent of the month.


Wacky Patent for January 2011 by Michael Colitz Patent Attorney Patent Attorney Michael Colitz presents a device for transferring the remaining catsup from a near empty bottle to a new bottle as the Wacky Patent...