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Patent Lawyer Comedian Being Snore-Heckled

Wes Austin describes being snore-heckled while performing at Wiseguys Comedy Club in Ogden, Utah. Wes was opening for headliner Jay Whittaker in September 2018.


Why Do You Need to Hire Patent Attorney Miami

I am sure that, patent law does not need any introduction at all. The patent law is solely designed to safeguard the inventors. The patent law is nothing but a set of...


Frequently Asked Questions on Patents* Indian Patent Strategy for Pharmaceutical Sector

Indian Pharmaceutical Patent Lawyer for Research* Patent protection effectively grants pharmaceutical industry a monopoly, regardless of the human consequences Chemical...


Withers & Rogers | How to get the best from your Patent Attorney

Michael Jaeger, MA(Cantab), CPA, EPA talks about how to get the best from your Patent Attorney.


Can Software or Business Methods be Patented? Chicago Patent Lawyer Rich Beems Says Yes Chicago patent attorney Rich Beem says that software can be patented if it is new, if it has utility, and if it is not obvious in view of other...


Little Things Matter (In Patenting and In Life!) | Patent Attorney 1-877-728-7763 – Little things matter in patenting and in life! I became a patent attorney because I wanted to work directly with inventors in...


Business Law Breakdown: 5 Times You Should Call a Patent Attorney

Have you ever wondered at what point you should contact a patent lawyer to learn about your rights? Here are 5 examples of when you should contact a patent lawyer to...


Sydney Patent Attorney and TradeMark Registration Services – Semalt

Visit us – – Introduction to protecting your idea via the patent application process. Please visit...


Soroker Agmon Nordman | Advocates & Patent Attorneys

To all the IP Lawyers, Patent Attorneys, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors – If you’ve ever asked yourselves “WHO DO I KNOW IN ISRAEL? or in...


David Hobson, Associate & Patent Attorney Mathys & Squire LLP