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Creating an Ecosystem that Encourages Disruptive Innovation

Without strong patent rights the incentive for risk-taking entities and the investors who support them is simply not present. The risk-reward calculus tilts too far...


Cisco Files Patent for Blockchain-Related Group Communications Method

Adam James · April 1, 2018 · 4:00 am As major companies scramble to the patent office to file blockchain-related applications, Cisco aims to develop a confidential...


Apple patents VR system to help motion sickness in self-driving cars

The patent application also highlighted that the system could include a VR headset that would display the images on interior walls of the vehicle. San Francisco, An...


New Apple patent reveals flexible batteries on cards

Recently discovered patents reveal Apple’s plans to bend the battery inside the device. A few years ago, when we assumed that smartphones have stagnated in terms of...


Intel Patent Filing For Efficient Crypto-Mining Chip Could Reshape The GPU Landscape

Intel Patent Filing For Efficient Crypto-Mining Chip Could Reshape The GPU Landscape  Forbes Intel Releases Patent for New Cryptocurrency Mining...


How To Write A Provisional Patent Application That Has Value

How To Write A Provisional Patent Application That Has Value  Forbes Full coverage Source link


Cisco Develops Confidential Communication System Using Blockchain According to Patent Filing

Cisco, an important technology company located in California, is trying to develop a confidential communication system using blockchain technology. According to a patent...


Apple files patent for a VR device that reduces motion sickness

Apple has filed a new patent application for a VR system, as published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. First spotted by Patently Apple, the new patent is aimed at...


Cisco Developing Confidential Communications Via Blockchain In Patent Filing

Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT and networking, is developing a method of confidential group communications based on Blockchain technology, according to a patent...


Former CoS at US Patent and Trademark Office to Visit Penn State Behrend

Andrew Byrnes is set to visit Penn State Behrend as part of their Speaker Series Tues. April 3 Tuesday, April 3 If you have an idea for a business or patent, then look...